School Tennis Initiative

Tie the net…game on..

Books, backpacks, lunch boxes and … tennis racquets?

That’s right, tennis is a great fit for schools, a safe, non-contact sport that can be played anywhere and by everyone.

Schools Tennis Initiative is a national program to provide many students with their first experience of tennis. Regardless of age or skill level, tennis is a fantastic sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. This programme is designed such a way that it will help develop a Physical Literacy in children developing in them fundamental motor skills and coordination and is fun for the students.

The focus of this programme is to provide a pathway for all kids in your school to experience tennis as a part of the curriculum through Physical Education Classes, with our assistance. Regardless of age, gender or skill level, tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. Tennis is a fun oriented activity and it also helps to develop fundamental movements in these children.

School Tennis Initiative introduces the students to the exciting potential that tennis offers in promoting lifelong physical activity and participation in sport. Tennis is now sized right for age and ability, with shorter racquets, lower-bouncing balls and smaller courts – which means it’s an easy sport to set up on a playground or in a gym.

Why tennis?

  • Tennis is fun, easy and safe
  • No courts needed – Tennis can be played in any space such as basketball court or parking area.
  • Kid-friendly equipment is great for any age and level

 Benefits of playing tennis.

Creates neural connections across multiple pathways in the brain (Council of Physical Education for Children, 2000) particularly when rhythmic activities are used and enhances development of brain function.

Helps builds strong bones and muscles, improves flexibility, develops good posture, improves fitness, promotes a health body weight, reduces stress and improves sleep. It also;

  • Build Muscular and Bone Strength
  • Improves Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Creates Sense of Responsibility and Mental Strength
  • Better Academic Success
  • Social Skills
  • Gain Discipline and Problem Solving Skills
  • Proper Food Habits & Lifelong Health

Get started

Tennis is an ideal sport for your child that will allow them to stay healthy and fit. The SkyHigh Tennis Academy provides resources and support for physical education and extracurricular programs. Do you want tennis to be part of the curriculum at your school and to be part of your kids’ PE classes;

Contact us to get started.