Progressive Tennis

Progressive Tennis is an innovative approach introducing the sport of tennis in a fun and interactive way and ensures immediate success for young players aged 4-12 years.  Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game at an early age.

In Progressive Tennis small courts and less pressurised balls are used to develop skills quicker, allowing for an easy transition to full court.  The prominent feature is that it is fun oriented making it enjoyable to kids. It helps the children progress through three different stages and finally become a regular adult player of high level performance.

Red Ball Tennis

Red Ball Tennis is for players aged 8 and under, played on small courts with short rackets and soft balls.

A foam or felt ball is used which is 75% slower than a regular ball.

Only a half court is used with the net at a height of 80cm (in the middle).

A shorter racket of 17” – 23” is used depending on the size of the player.

Orange Ball Tennis

Orange Ball Tennis is for children aged 8 and 9. 

Ball is 50% slower than a yellow ball, giving players better control at this important stage of development.

 Smaller rackets used which ranges 23” – 25” long and net is 80cm high at the middle.

Court is only 3/4th of a regular court. This stage allows the players to develop a rounded game and helps players develop different shots and tactics.

Green Ball Tennis

Green Ball Tennis is for players aged 9 & 10.

A green ball is used, which is 25% slower than a yellow ball.

A bigger racket of 25” – 26” are used. The net is at full height.

It is played on a full size tennis court, but balls are a little softer than yellow balls.

This stage prepares the players progress towards the regular full court with full compression yellow ball game. It helps players develop and improve all aspects of their game.

Balls are It is Green Ball Tennis is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Orange. It’s the next stage before moving on to full compression yellow balls on a full sized court and helps players develop and improve all aspects of their game.