Long Term Development Strategy (LTDS)

To achieve the objective of producing world class tennis players a long term plan was formulated with a successful and cutting edge approach known as Long Term Development Strategy (LTDS).

Stages in Long Term Development Strategy (LTDS)

  • LTDS progresses through 7 stages from a kid’s first exposure to the sport, to being a professional player.
  • It provides a framework for developing physical literacy, physical fitness and competitive ability, using a stage-by-stage approach.
  • LTDS outlines an optimal development plan based on growth, development and maturation for all individuals to participate in tennis.
  • Half way through the programme children may chose two different pathways – Tennis for Life Stream or Competitive Tennis Stream.

The conditions are ripe to achieve our vision of creating a new generation of physically literate and socially and emotionally balanced individuals and help them lead an active living throughout their life.

Thousands of children learning and playing tennis in the next few years will definitely bring forth unprecedented outcomes in the country. By growing the depth and quality of U10 players (growing the base), and then, by offering high-caliber coaching we believe in time we can witness number of players who one day will join the global elite.

With your support and contribution we shall collectively build a world- class system producing future Tennis Champions as well as good citizens.

SkyHigh Tennis Academy recognizes the demands of an aspiring tennis player and meet them at all levels to become an elite player.